Hardwood floors are a beautiful accent, adding value to your home. With proper finishing and minimum care, wood floors can be kept looking like new.


  • Wipe up spills as soon as possible in order to prevent stains and damage to the wood and/or the finish. Use floor protectors* on the feet of furniture to avoid scratches.
  • High heel shoes will damage your hardwood floors (and most other floor surfaces as well) – especially if the metal tip is exposed.
  •  If there is a pet in the home, keep the pet’s nails well groomed to prevent scratching the surface of the floor and be aware that urine will destroy your finish and the hardwood floor.
  • Place mats/rugs at every entrance to the home to contain the sand/grit from the outdoors as much as possible.
  • Place a mat/rug in front of the kitchen sink and the dishwasher to protect the floor from dropped items, spills and oily detergent.
  • Protect the floor when moving heavy pieces of furniture (especially when  moving piano’s and appliances).
  • Protect your floor against direct sunlight or any intense source of artificial lighting, as it will discolor exposed surfaces.
  • To minimize the contrast between exposed and covered surfaces,we recommend that carpets and furniture be moved periodically and that sources of intense light be reduced.
  • Maintain a humidity level of 40-50% in your home.
  • Periodically re-coat the finish in order to avoid having to sand the floor right down to the wood. After installation, how soon your floor will need re-coating will depend on traffic and the general wear and tear of your specific floor – there is no general rule.
  • Avoid spraying too much cleaner directly on the floor as it will filter down between the strips and damage the wood fibers.
  • Avoid the use of tightly woven or rubber backed rugs – they prevent the proper air circulation.
  • Never clean your floors with any other product other than the proper cleaners for hardwood flooring. All other household detergents contain oils and/or soaps that will dull or damage the finish; leaving a greasy film. This is especially important in order to maintain the manufacturers warranty.